1. poisonous potatoes

    Hi I expect you all know that potatoes can be bad for you if you try to eat them uncooked, but also that light can turn them green and green potato is bad for you too!  

    - Barbara Robson, UK

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  3. potatoes in a brick house with sand inside

    My father used to harvest our potatoes before the frost, clean off the dirt by hand and sort them at the same time to make sure they were perfect for keeping (no bug holes or rot).  Usually he would put them in a sack and cover them, but at other times he would bury them in a funny little brick house he had built to keep sand clean and dry.  The “roof ” was a slanting weather proof lid, which we had to lift when we sorted through the sand for potatoes.  We thought this was a great game, but sometimes being kids we would play a bit too wildly and then would have to tidy up.

    I always remember what fun it was to help in that way and how good the potatoes tasted when we roasted them under the fire grate.  We were always hungry in those days and there was nothing left to waste!

    - Barbara Robson, UK

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